Spacedog » Mission Report Launch

01 May 2016
San Francisco, Calif


Eight years ago, Long Distance Voter launched with a goal of helping the Rising American Electorate get involved in the political process. With a limited budget they registered 210k new voters, processed 701k absentee ballot requests, and helped 495k people check their registration status.

They recently acquired a new domain name and rebranded to, and were accepted to Y-Combinator, Silcon Valley’s premiere technology accelerator. We helped them get ready for the big time.


With our experience building new voter registration interfaces with RockTheVote and the Libyan High Elections Commission, Spacedog provided a unique combination of product mindset and technical skill. We upgraded their existing rails codebase, applied a new design based on the US Digital Service standards, abstracting several pieces into shared libraries, and prepared the site for a crush of election-day traffic.

In 2016 they expect to help over three million voters register or confirm their status, and we will watch with pride as they continue to make voting easier for all Americans.

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