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Election 2012
Oakland, Calif
Citizen Engagement Lab  RockTheVote


RockTheVote is a pioneer in online voter registration; since their founding in 1990 they have registered millions of young voters and been a part of the cultural conversation around youth turnout. By providing customizable registration tools, they are able to work with partner organizations in diverse communities and build power across the millenial voting bloc.


As part of my work at the Citizen Engagement Lab, I led a process to redesign, test and implement a new voter registration form. We condensed the existing seven step form to three, and conducted user testing to validate assumptions about form design. Adding familiar logos and supplemental questions, the new form enabled list signups for partner organizations, and was translated into 12 languages.

To improve the sharing experience, we worked with developers at Fission Strategies to integrate a Facebook widget that displayed a registration form directly in users’ news feeds. To incentivize users to register their friends, we consulted experts in gamification and designed a voter registration contest. Working with several state registration agencies in California, Nevada and Washington, we designed integration points to send registrants to their online state registration form directly, avoiding the need to print, sign and mail the completed form.


600,000 voters registered with the new form, and average completion time went down by half from the previous design. Over 160 partner organizations embedded the form on their website, and were able to sign up new registrants for their continued mobilization efforts.

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