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06 August 2010
Cambridge, MA

The Boycott Toolkit is a platform for consumers to share information on the politics embedded in the products that they buy. Users can learn why specific products are targeted by a boycott, add their own research and share information with their friends. The site also lists the locations of stores that sell each product.

Contributors can collaboratively research companies and products to expose poor business practices, aggregate their findings, and distribute information to their social networks. The toolkit provides tools to organize collective economic action, both negative and positive, to make a difference in their community.

Initial campaigns related to Israel and Palestine: a boycott of products made in the settlements, a list of vineyards in the Golan, and Palestinian products that support peaceful development. The user-generated content isn’t limited to Israel-related boycotts, and also lists calls to boycott Arizona over the state’s draconian new immigration law, and companies that advertise on Glen Beck’s right-wing Fox News talk show.

All the tools are open source, and all content is licensed under the Creative Commons framework.

Masters Thesis Boycott Toolkit: Collaborative Research for Collective Economic Action

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