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Twilio Signal

25 May 2017
San Francisco, California
Twilio Signal 2017

We were invited to present at Twilio’s Signal conference on the beautiful San Francisco waterfront. In the opening minutes of CEO Jeff Lawson’s keynote, we were surprised and delighted to hear him mention our work on voter registration over SMS as a prime example of creative coding for a cause. In front of thousands of clients and developers he centered the need for diversity and inclusion, reminding all of us of the necessary work to be done to ensure that technology serves everyone.

Our own talk was part of a track on social innovation in the Grace Hopper tent, alongside fascinating talks by Jenn Schiffer on The Power of Friendship, Heidi Waterhouse on the Death of Data, Ian Webster on Putting Congress on Speeddial and Paul Fenwick on Building the National Rick Astley Hotline.


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