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Battle for the Net

12 July 2017
San Francisco, California

We were pleased to work again with Fight for the Future, Demand Progress, Free Press, and others on the July 12th Net neutrality day of action. The internet is vital to all of our activism work, and we strongly believe that all bits are created equal. It’s not just about “fast lanes” and “slow lanes”, or network prioritization relationships, but the very ability of our messages to spread on the most powerful and open communications medium ever invented. We need to keep the internet free, and open, and weird for generations to come.

For the Day of Action, tens of millions of people saw the protest messages on over 125,000 participating websites. Over 5 million emails were sent to Congress, and more than 2 million comments to the FCC. CallPower placed 124,000 phone calls to Congress, a new one-day record for our tool. We were on-hand behind the scenes to help make sure all the technology worked, and the public’s authentic voice echoed loudly in the halls of power.

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