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17 December 2015
Oakland, California
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We met the engine room at the 2014 Responsible Data Forum in Oakland through the Aspiration network, and reconnected with them at the Mobiles x Mobilisation conference in Berlin. We are big fans of their applied research and documentation for advocacy organizations and funders, and were excited to work with them. Their microtasking report for Amnesty International summarizes a year of research on distributed tools and tasks using the power of the Internet. Funding was provided through their Alt-Click project, which aims to inspire a new generation of tech-savvy human rights activists.


We built a flexible Jekyll website hosted on GitHub pages, so that the researchers could write their report in easy-to-use markdown format. Incorporating mobile-first and flat material design, the single-page site is readable and engaging whether the viewer is on their phone, a desktop, or has printed the report to paper. Custom icons and diagrams break up the text visually, and a navigation table provides a fixed reference as you scroll.

As they write more reports for the advocacy community, the engine room can reuse the design and add new content easily. We look forward to continuing to work with them on more applied research for advocacy.

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