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Crush 2020

05 September 2020
Truckee, California

This election is the most consequential of my lifetime, perhaps in our nation’s history. We knew we couldn’t sit it out. We collaborated with Marisa Kabas to re-vamp Crush the Midterms for a new year.

With 50 days to go until the election, we launched Crush2020 to provide a simple way for anyone to make a plan for the election to use their vote, time, donations and reach to defeat Trump and save our democracy. It gives you a personalized plan of action for people who want to “do something” but don’t know quite what.

Your plan includes information about competitive races from the presidency down to your state legislature, links to register to vote and sign up to vote by mail, donation prompts to organizations working to build power for the long-term, and virtual volunteer opportunities that are remote friendly in the time of COVID. The code and data are open source, and we set up our own PAC to fund this work.

Make your plan at

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