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Crush the Midterms

24 July 2018
San Francisco, California

We were approached by Purpose back in February to build an engaging new tool for the 2018 elections, and we’ve been hard at work ever since. Now it’s just over 100 days to November, and we are launching Crush the Midterms to help everyone get involved. The site asks users a few simple questions about where they live, their free time, what issues they care about, and special skills they have, and recommends a personalized plan of action from now until election day. With email and calendar reminders with locally relevant ballot and elections information, we aim to provide custom advice at scale.

The tool is built with React and Django, and provides a fast and easy “app-like” experience on mobile. Reminders can flow seamlessly into Google calendar, or other native app calendar apps. Since launch we have had over 5,000 people make a plan, and are currently optimizing for sharability on Facebook and Twitter.

Check out my plan, and make your own!

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