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28 June 2019
Oakland, California

We built HelloVote with Fight for the Future in 2016, and helped over 160,000 Americans register and get ready to vote with a 65% completion rate. We are now extending that experience to develop customized chat platforms including SMS, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Telegram, and other conversational interfaces.

Utilizing the RapidPro framework, developed with UNICEF Innovation and currently supported by Nyaruka, we aim to show that open source collaboration can lead to better products than siloed development. We have extended the existing codebase by providing connectors to common activism CRMs, and adding common flows for new organizations to get started quickly. We are currently testing interactive quizes and letter writing actions, and are designing viral messenger experiences for rapid campaign growth.

In our beta testing with 54Degrees we have built CRM integrations with EngagingNetworks to deliver messages to UK Members of Parliament using open data and tools. Our tools are hosted entirely in the European Union for data privacy and GDPR compliance, and can be extensively modified for further customization thanks to their open source license.

Let us know how you’d like to use TextPower in your campaigns! Contact Us to get started

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