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29 October 2021
Truckee, California

Two years after MrBeast planted 20M trees, he and Mark Rober are back with another project to show the positive power of the internet and help save the world. TeamSeas is an epic collaboration of thousands of creators around the world with the goal of raising $30M to remove 30M pounds of plastic trash from our oceans, rivers and beaches.

We worked with Fitz Partners on creator tools, using our knowledge of first-class CRMs and activist data systems to ensure that no one was left behind in this mission. We launch on 10/29 with an ambitious goal and a team that is strong enough to ensure we make it.

For the ocean!

Update Jan 1, 2022:

We did it! More than 600,000 people from 191 countries came together to make this possible. That’s 30M pounds of trash and plastic that’s coming out of our oceans, rivers and beaches - all thanks to you! Whether you donated, shared, or organized to support this big ocean-loving team, this win for #TeamSeas is yours.

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