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06 June 2020
Truckee, California

In the summer of 2020, hundreds of thousands of Americans exercised their first amendment rights to assemble and petition the government for a redress of grievances, and many were met with violence. This should not shock observers of our nation’s history of anti-black racism, but for many white protestors and journalists this may have been a first experience receiving violent treatment at the hands of the police officers sworn to protect and serve the public.

Video and photographic evidence of this treatment may be upsetting, but it should not be ignored or forgotten. We built to serve as an archive of this media, and as a call to action to question, defund and dismantle systems of white-supremacy that continue in the United States.

The data has been gathered by users on Reddit and are stored in GitHub. We added context and contact details for police chiefs, sherrifs and mayors to make this information actionable.

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