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Free Rodney Reed

10 November 2019
Oakland, California

Rodney Reed was sentenced to be executed for a heinous crime he did not commit. The Action PAC needed a call tool to connect their 3 million petition signers with decision makers in the State of Texas, and make it as easy as possible to call many different targets in a single session.

We set up CallPower with four different campaigns to the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Board of Paroles and Pardons and legislative offices. Callers were connected continuously, with recorded audio prompts between calls to remind and reinforce advocacy points. Phone numbers and call in forms were set up on, and distributed by social media and email.

Many users posted about the experience of calling on Instagram, and Shaun King collected them for his story on November 11th.

On November 15th after over 100,000 calls, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals ordered a stay of execution for Rodney Reed and to consider his claim of innocence. This would not have happened without the combined effort of all the thousands of activists, callers, and concerned humans.

We are proud for the small part our code was able to play in this campaign to save a man’s life. Contact us if you know of an urgent campaign where technology can help amplify voices to fight for justice. Onwards, together.

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