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12 February 2017
San Francisco, California
CREDO Action


After the election, a new wave of civic action has gathered among people who were dismayed by the results and are determined to resist the authoritarian tendancies exhibited by the new regime. Former Congressional staffers have shared their experiences about what makes effective constituent contact, and the consensus is that calls work.


This is exactly the kind of communication that CallPower is built to enable. While many other new sites help people get the right phone numbers, CallPower is focused on linking these individual actions to broader organizing efforts. We ensure that the total number of calls to each target is tracked, that individual callers are connected to other actions with the same organization, and the “ladder of engagement” is extended to everyone who wants to deepen their activism.


CallPower helped CREDO Action place over 250,000 calls to the House and Senate in January and February so far to block Trump’s cabinet. While to date these efforts have not been successful, they did force the Vice President to break a tie for Betsy DeVos to become the Secretary of Education. This unprecedented opposition has stiffened the spine of some wobbling Democrats, and let the Republicans know that implementing their agenda will not be a cakewalk.

We have also added two new clients to our CallPower hosting, helped two others set up the open source tool, and provided demos and trainings for several other organizations. Try a demo at, and we can get you started ASAP.

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